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Welding Wire Mesh Machine 5-12
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Automatic Mesh Welding Machine is made in China, designed with a range of welding spots, controlled by PLC, more productive and effective.


may han luoi

Automatic Mesh welding machine 5-12


Parts of Automatic Mesh welding machine 5-12


may han luoi

Wire Mesh Welding machine


Welding wire: 5-12mm
Welding methods: Resistance welding
Feeding wire: Pre-cut wire 
Crossing wire: Pre-cut wire
Welding spot: 26
Welding speed: 40-80 times/min
Mesh width: 1.0-2.5m
Mesh discharging way: Automatic
Mesh size: 100*100 - 300*300
Transformer capacity: 125KVAx13
Main motor: 5.5kW
Voltage: 440V/60Hz
overall Dimension: 8000*3200*1800mm
Weight: 4500kg




  may han luoi

Weft wire feeder



may han luoi

Automatic straingtening and cutting machine


Wire diameter: 5-12mm
Cutting length: 6m
Straightening shaft speed: 3000 row/min
Speed: 30m/min
Motor power: 0.75kW, 2.2kW
Weight: 500kg
Voltage: 400V 60Hz





may han luoi

PLC control Cabinet



may han luoi

Pulling Mesh Machine

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